Licences and Ratings


I hold a JAA CPL(H) and a CAA PPL(A) both with instrument ratings.
I have FAA PPLs issued on the basis of the JAA/CAA licences.
I hold current JAA and FAA Class 1 medicals (renewed in October).

Type Ratings

I am currently rated on these helicopter types
  • Agusta 109 [A109]
  • EC135
  • Twin Squirrel [AS355]
  • Single Squirrel [AS350]
  • Colibri [EC120]
  • Jetranger [B206]
  • Hughes 500 [H369]
  • Robinson R44 [R44]
  • Robinson R22 [R22]
  • Hughes 300 [H269]
With around 1000 hours in both the A109 and H269 respectively.

Other Ratings

I hold a current Instrument Rating [IR] on the A109, which is renewed annually. I hold a current J.A.A Flying Instructor Rating (Helicopters) which is unrestricted and includes night and basic instrument instruction priveleges.
I am a Type Rating Instructor [TRI] on the Agusta 109.