Helicopter Pilot Services

Pilot Service

Need a pilot to fly your helicopter ? I can provide pilot services in most light helicopters, and if I can't fly it, I probably know someone who can.


Need a part time instructor to fill in ? Want to learn to fly your helicopter to your convenience and not at the local flying school, I can provide instruction on a 'come to you' basis and teach you at approved premises and airfields near to you.
I am a type rating instructor on the A109 and have over 1000 hours on the type.


Need an LPC ? Just finished training and need a Licence Skills Test ? I may be able to help out, I am qualified and current on most of the small pistons and turbines around and a CAA Authorised examiner.
I can also conduct Type Rating Skill Tests and Licence Proficiency checks on the Agusta 109.

Aircraft Management

After several years of owning and operating my own R22s and recent placements including running the aviation departments of a helicopter maintenance company and a corporate operator I can offer expertise in the management of aircraft, operations support and maintenance oversight.