Flying History And Experience

Flying History

I started flying in 1994 and completed a PPL(A) in 1995.
After a couple of years of slow hour building I decided to move over to helicopters. After making the commitment I managed to complete a PPL(H) between July and November in 1998 and immediately began an R44 type rating. I needed to hour build to be accepted on an Assistant Flying Instructors [AFI(H)] course before the end of June, and so purchased an immaculate R22 from a company in Scotland. From February to June 1999 I flew nearly 200 hours and got onto the course which I completed in July 1999.
After a couple of years of just maintaining currency and going back to software full time, I bought another R22 and used this to break into instruction in 2001. From April 2002 I have been flying almost full time going from AFI to Examiner. I spent three years as a corporate pilot flying an Agusta 109 Power for a company based in Cornwall. Since October 2010 I have been Chief Pilot for Patriot Aerospace group with responsibility for all flying related aspects of the business. I additionally hold the position of Chief Training Captain and Flight Safety Officer for the AOC and Head of Training and Chief Flying Instructor for the associated London Helicopter Centres FTO.

Commercial Flying Experience

I have been involved with most aspects of helicopter operations from ownership, contract negotiation, operating as a Single Pilot IFR commander, flying instructor and charter pilot.
I am usually in current Base and Line Checks for a couple of UK Commercial Helicopter operators on the Agusta 109 and Bell 206. I have previously held the post of Head of Training for a TRTO in the South East of England.

I ran for nearly three years on a full time basis the corporate aviation department of a major UK company, the principal moved to mainland Europe and the aircraft was placed on a UK AOC with me still overseeing all aspects of the maintenance of the aircraft until it was sold in March 2011.