Examiner Authorisations

I hold a Type Rating Examiner [TRE] authorisation for the Agusta 109 and Bell 206 issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to conduct ANO schedule 9 and JAR-OPS3 proficiency checks and tests.

I hold an examiner authorisation [FE PPL(H)], which allows me to conduct PPL(H) Licence Skills Tests (LSTs) and Licence Proficiency Checks (LPCs) on both Single Engine Helicopters and the A109.

I am an Authorised Ground Examiner (Helicopters) (GE).

Training Authorisations

I am authorised by the C.A.A to conduct Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training.

Display Authorisations

I hold a CAA Display Authorisation for the Hughes 300.

Flight Test Authorisations

I hold a Certificate of Airworthiness [COfA] Flight Test Approval from the CAA.