Gary Spender's site

Welcome to Gary Spender's personal (professional) website, through this site I offer my services in the fields of software development and helicopter piloting.

After 15 years developing software and a couple of years flying aeroplanes I decided to diversify into helicopter flying. I am an examiner on 7 of the Part 27 (<3175Kgs) helicopter types.

A natural spin off of the two specialties is the development of specialist aviation software and websites.

I undertake software projects of any size and have an extensive library of in house developed software which can be used to cut down the development lifecycle and results in usable software in shorter timescales.

With a customer base spanning banks, insurance companies, software houses, engineering companies and building surveyors I have a broad experience of analysis and design methods.

The web development side of the business can be seen in more detail in the Aviation Web Development site, while the Search Engine Optimization (now matter how you spell it someone will say its wrong) side of the business can be found on the Search Engineers website.

Gary Spender